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Date of Breath Donation

07 April 2020

My relationship to Royal Hobart Hospital

/ Why I’m here today

I have been working as a Procurement Officer for the RHH Redevelopment Project, and am currently co-ordinating the delivery and installation of the Furniture, Fittings and Equipment coming into K-Block

What I love about the RHH Community

/ or hope for it

I love the bright open spaces being created for both patients and staff, and particularly love the lift lobbies for both the Paediatrics on Level 6, and Women's Unit on Level 7. I think the "Catching Your Breath" art installation created by Keith is reflective of the breath of fresh air K-Block will bring to the existing RHH.

Something I’m personally hoping for right now

I hope that the new space will assist in patient wellbeing whilst in hospital, and provide a wonderful working space for the RHH staff, breathing new life into their daily lives

Robyn Baird


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