The Catching Your Breath Public Artwork was supported by:

Tasmanian Government

Commissioning Body

The commissioned artwork located in K-Block, RHH, was supported by Arts Tasmania and the Minister for the Arts through the Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme.


Poatina Arts

Studio Access

Poatina Arts and the Poatina Glass Studio played a significant role in this project by providing access to their studio facilities and specialised glassblowing equipment. The artist would also like to acknowledge the colony of artists that are part of the Poatina Arts collective who provided much support, feedback and assistance throughout the project.


Thomas Pearson


Thomas Pearson was instrumental in the production of the 300+ blown glass bubbles for the project, bringing his considerable skill and experience in production glassblowing to the team as gaffer. Without Thom's commitment and support this project would not have been possible.


Zeke Torrents

Glassblowing Assistant

Zeke Torrents was a valuable part of the glassblowing team that produced the 300+ hand-blown glass bubbles for the artwork at Poatina Glass Studio. Zeke worked hard to assist Thom and Keith, enduring long days and a great deal of heat to help make this project a reality.


Stephen Avery

Installation Assistant

Stephen Avery assisted throughout the 11 Day Installation process, working long days without a break to locate and clean bubbles and keep track of where each bubble ended up in the seven nets. He also designed a data base to record the cumulative weights of all the bundles and each bubble's final position. He was a fantastic support to the artist throughout the installation.


The Catching Your Breath Community Engagement Project (Breath Donations, Website and Videos) was supported by:

Australian Cultural Fund

Fundraising Platform

The "Catching Your Breath" Community Engagement Project was supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF). Funds were generously donated to the project through the ACF campaign by over 25 individuals.


Biz Adams

Videography and Website Design

Biz Adams played a leading role in the design of the "Catching Your Breath" website and the filming and editing of the "The Making of Catching Your Breath" and other videos on this website.


Wynsome Leak

Breath Donations, Data Processing and Website Editing Assistant

Wynsome Leak has played a varied and essential role in the community engagement project, beginning with assisting patients, visitors and staff to donate their breath into the 300+ glass bubbles at the hospital and other locations, through to editing participant responses, photographs and other content for this website.



Data and Web Systems Development

DevῩze has played an important role in the technical development of the "Catching Your Breath" website including code-writing, web content, data processing, and assisting with data management solutions including invaluable on-the-ground support during the artwork installation.


Inscape Tasmania

Breath Donations Hospital Liaison

The "Catching Your Breath" Community Engagement Project was generously supported by Inscape Tasmania since its inception. Inscape worked tirelessly to liaise with RHH hospital staff and systems to help design and facilitate the breath donations process in the hospital which lasted approx. 10 days in total, spread over some months.


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