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Are the bubbles really hand-made?

Yes! They have each been blown using traditional glassblowing techniques that have been used for many hundreds of years.

Are the bubbles really made of glass?


Are the glass bubbles fragile?

Yes, glass is fragile, but it is also very strong. Each bubble has been made quite thick, so it is strong and heavy.

Can the bubbles fall out of the nets?

No, we made sure all the bubbles were bigger than the holes in the nets!

Did you break many bubbles while you were making them?

Thankfully not many, but some bubbles did break during the blowing process because the glassblowers sometimes get tired and make mistakes!

How can I find my bubble?

Use the search bar to search for your name or bubble number, or use the 'Breath Donors' menu to view photos of all the breath donors. Simply click on an image to go to that donor's page. At the bottom of each donor's page there is a diagram showing where in the artwork their bubble is located.

How did people get their breath into the glass bubbles?

We used a paper drinking straw inserted through a small hole in the wall of the glass bubble. After they had blown through the straw we had a small glass disc ready with some clear sealant, which was placed over the hole as soon as they had finished blowing.

How long did it take to get people to blow breath into all of the bubbles?

About 10 full days (around 30 each day).

How long did it take to make all the bubbles?

About 8 weeks in total, spread over 3 blocks.


How long does it take to make a bubble?

Depending on size, it can take between 30mins and an hour to make each bubble.

How many bubbles are in the artwork?

Over 300. There were 309 different breath donors, but there are actually a few more bubbles that the artist and his assistant blew their breath into.

How many bubbles in each net?

Between 40 and 50 bubbles.

How much does each bundle weigh?

Around 100kg each

What are the nets made from?

Woven stainless steel cables.

When did people blow their breath into the glass bubbles?

Between October 2019 and April 2020.

Where were the glass bubbles made?

At the Poatina Glass Studio in Poatina, Tasmania.

Who's breath is in the bubbles?

The breath of patients, visitors and staff from RHH. Visit the Breath Donor pages and click on an image to start reading about those who donated their breath.

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