Date of Breath Donation

16 February 2020

My relationship to Royal Hobart Hospital

/ Why I’m here today

Luca was a bit of a "frequent flyer" at the RHH when he was young, and had several surgeries and medical procedures done here including an adductor release, initial botox procedure and two hip reconstructions more than twelve years ago. He has also been a frequent visitor to the paediatric neurology, physiotherapy and respiratory departments, until he became too old for them, and was diagnosed at the neurology department about eight years ago.

What I love about the RHH Community

/ or hope for it

We were constantly astounded by the heart of the staff and the level of fondness and care they showed Luca and our family during our stays. It would have been easy for us to believe that Luca was a particularly special patient of theirs, which speaks of the professional approach of folk who work at the hospital.

Something I’m personally hoping for right now

... Healing. Or the grace to carry us as a family through whatever else is to come.

Luca Bell with Steve


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