Date of Breath Donation

29 November 2019

My relationship to Royal Hobart Hospital

/ Why I’m here today

I am a Palawa woman from Tasmania & currently employed as enrolled nurse at the Tasmanian Aboriginal Health Service, working in the field of chronic disease management for the last 7 years. A part of my role involves assisting clients to attend appointments at the RHH or visiting them if they are an in-patient at the RHH.

What I love about the RHH Community

/ or hope for it

I love having the opportunity to work with my community, whilst being a part of my community. Being a health professional & a part of my clients care is key to creating better outcomes for our people. Working in collaboration with primary & secondary health services provides a greater depth of care & holistic treatment.

Something I’m personally hoping for right now

Encapsulating a persons breath in artwork is unique, the artwork will create a sense of belonging, uniqueness & hopefully empowerment to share stories, to create a sense of belonging. A place to reflect many people coming together to share an desired outcome.

Emma Shanahan


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